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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Friends and home!!

We got to play with Brooky and Ms Sophie!!

dessert was cake pops!

I put Rudolph on my computer and Sophie, Ben, Victoria and Gerri chilled out and watched after dinner
 While the kids watched the movie and Tammy watched them I ran and packed everything up and put it in the car ready to go!
The girls snoozing!!

I took this at 4:45 am this morning!

sound asleep :)

sound asleep!
 We got home at 10:30 am :) SO happy to be home!! I had to unload 8 bags of stuff, we only had 3 bags going to Philly!! I made the girls wait till we got home to open their gifts from Ms Becky.
Gifts from Ms Becky!!! thank you!!!!

removed the tape and the pain med pump (it was empty)
Ouch! it looks like it hurts!

so tired from the busy day!!

When damny got home he gave Gerri an envelope full of get well cards from school!!
so so excited!


Julie said...

Wow! What a trip! I glad you made it home safely. How is your hip holding up?

Sally-Girl! said...

Glad you are home!!! Gerri looks like she did great!!!

Hanna said...

So glad you all arrived home safely! Gerri is so brave! Continue to pray for her to be healing and happy. Thanks for sharing with us.

MoonDog said...

we were so glad to see you! hope Gerri is doing ok. hope you are also. hug the girls for us~!