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Sunday, December 4, 2011

We are out!!

The 3 girls in their matching shirts!!
 By the time we got her scripts and packed up the car we had to book to pick up the crew at rmh and run to the train. Ms V was very cranky. She was sad to see Cole and auntie go.
We went back to rmh, dropped ALL our bags in the room and then went down to the kitchen to grab a bagel and some pnut butter and then relax. Victoria told Gerri that she was scared she would hurt her :( and Gerri told her not to worry, she will let her know if she does :)
So they ran off to play :)
in the play kitchen

they were laughing SO hard!
 Then it was time for a potty break so we went up to the room. I figured Gerri would be tired from playing.

chillin out with their ipods (victoria is sitting in the wheelchair)

mommy - I missed you!!

mommy - look at me! She is already moving around more!!

They were giving each other presents :)

be still my heart!!! loving sisters!!
We will be back on schedule tonight, both kids in bed by 8:00 asleep while I read :)
Tomorrow is a down day, quiet, hanging around. Dr asked us to hang for at least a day before heading home. :)

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Sally-Girl! said...

I am amazed at her!! Glad you guys are just hanging!!! Can't believe we are just missing one another again by a few days!