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Friday, December 2, 2011

good night!

smiling at 6:30 am :) drinking water - her throat is still sore from the tube

my "comfy" bed :)

very happy after mommy's sponge bath and hair "wash"

so happy that Ms V and cousin Cole are on the train and on their way here with Auntie Carla!!

First food in 2 days!!!!!!!!!!!

Saw the Dr this am and he is very happy with her progress!! Today they will start switching her to oral meds so we can lose the iv's. Then pull the catheter. PT will be here to get her a bit more upright and start getting her moving. She slept pretty good last night, the nurse only woke me every 2 hrs, then proceeded to talk to Gerri each time!! ARGH! We moved her a bit around 4 am to put a pillow under her butte, she did not like it, but it helps her bottom.
hopefully she will be discharged by Sunday then we will hang at the rmh till probably Tuesday so she will be comfortable for the car ride at least as comfortable as possible.


Sally-Girl! said...

Yeah Gerri girl!!!! Keep it up girlfriend!!!

ErinL said...

She is so brave! Glad to hear she is doing so well! How are you holding up? That bed doesn't look great for someone who is still recovering from surgery herself!

GrumpyJaxMomOf3 said...

Thank You for the update <3 She looks pretty good considering. Praying for a speedy recovery and to be pain free soon!!