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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Discharge day!!

This is how I found her this am, sleeping with her new stingray on her chest :)
We washed her hair and put CLOTHES on!!!!
The PT helped her transfer herself to the chair!!
We are packed and ready to go, just waiting on our scripts.
Then we will head to rmh to pick up the crew to bring Auntie Carla and Nicole to the train.
Then we will head back to rmh to chill out and settle in.
Gerri had a very good nights sleep, ate well this am, was SO happy to have her hair really washed and put clothes on.
As of this am they want me to use adhesive remover and try to do the onQ and tegaderm myself and if it is too much for her we will go to clinic on Tuesday.
They have her on tylenol with codeine and keflex, that is it. She takes the tylenol before bed and then goes till waking up with no pills. :) amazing!

Carla just sent me this pic of the girls in their matching shirts!! soon all 3 will be together in their matching clothes!!
thanks Autnie! :)

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