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Thursday, December 15, 2011

getting a routine :)

we have moved from wheelchair to couch to floor

It is very tiring keeping Gerri busy!

Doing her Xtramath and I-Ready reading and math every day

we finally got tummy time! she was happy to be off her behind!

this am, tummy time and school work! and the ice pack from her sore leg
Every day we have a routine going. Gerri is able to do most of her transferring herself. We have even got her up on her right leg to keep weight on in. She is so used to turning her right foot out to compensate for her shorter left leg that it is hard for her not to. I know how hard it is since I had the same problem with my new hip. It is hard to retrain yourself. We are also starting to work on using her leg muscles and not her stomach muscles to move her legs. Dr vB wants her to start stretching the muscles on the outside of her left leg to keep the muscle from getting too tight.
We started doing the 1/4 turns 2 x's per day on her fixator on Sunday and she was saying how cool it is, now we are stretching her bone, muscles and skin and it is a bit painful. We have to do pin care 2 x's a day as well and I am getting used to it. Now that she can take a bath she gets lots off herself. It is SO hard to see those big metal pins going into her leg :(
Her in home tutor starts tomorrow am and she is so excited!!

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