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Thursday, December 8, 2011

settling in

my christmas present has arrived!! my Canvas on Demand is on my wall!!
I got it on Groupon and LOVE it! This picture was one I took when I was doing xmas photos

tonight relaxing on the floor (her behind was getting sore sitting all the time)
Danny was so happy to sit with her

Ms V is obsessed with Spy Mouse :)
We are settling in to our new normal. Gerri has gotten stronger and felt better every day. Her appetite is starting to come back. She has done lots of coloring, watching tv, playing her ipod, doing her math and reading on the computer, writing and relaxing. I have to ask her if she has to go potty, or is cold, or is hungry. Even after all this time she still has a hard time asking for help in any way. I have to keep a very keen eye on her for meds or ice pack. She had her first "shower" in the tub with the hand held shower and she was in heaven!! We had start pin maintenance, which means cleaning all 4 pins 2 times per day, keeping them clean and the skin from going up the pin. It is pretty yucky and it hurts a bit, but I make sure she has had pain med before hand and a treat after. Her fixator is finally stopping weeping so she is more comfortable and not making a mess everywhere she sits. She has taken this all with an amazing grace, she is SO strong. She is afraid for anyone to touch her but me. But she let Daddy help her get into her wheelchair today, but only because I was nearby. I have done potty duty, but Daddy will have to learn soon :)
I have had several ask about me and I am totally wiped! a week in Philly with very little sleep, driving home and then jumping into everything at home has been hard. My back and hip are sore. I forgot to take any pain meds last night and woke up last night hurting and not able to go back to sleep.I used my cane a lot in Philly knowing how tired I was, but since home have not used it. The lift in my left shoe is not quite high enough and I am still getting used my new gait. I have tried to slow down now that we are settling in, trying to remember my pain meds, and take care of myself.
Gerri tells everyone that mommy had one hip done and she had the other!! :)
I have parent teacher meeting tomorrow at school so Dan will be home alone with the kids!! :)
I have to work on getting her home bound services, today the asst principal told me I needed a Dr's note to excuse her from school. I never thought of it and now have to work on it. I wanted to just have him take a look at her, but I guess that doesn't work!


Sally-Girl! said...

Debbie will get a letter for you lickety split!!!

Take care of yourself!! I have been worried about you too! Actually probably more than your amazing little girl!!

Hanna said...

It must be hard for you to look after yourself when you make sure everything Gerri needs to be comfortable and allright. Pray that you and Gerri will be much better quicker.