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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Company!! and a good night and day :)

Hey! I have company coming today!!

My sister and her daughter came down by train to bring Ms V to us :) Gerri was SO excited about seeing Victoria and Victoria was totally blown away by how Gerri is :( Victoria was afraid to go near her, wouldn't kiss her or touch her :(
We went up to the 6th floor play room and saw a helicopter land at the hospital next to us
PT had helped me do a 2 person transfer to get her into the loaner reclining wheelchair. She was petrified of moving and being touched. Crying before we even touched her :( but then once we were out of the room she was so happy!!
She was SO scared about getting moved into the wheelchair, but perked up quite a bit being out of her room

she loved watching the girls play
at the kids bank, Cole found the secret door :)
victoria found an old computer to play on
We played, hung around and then I got Gerri settled into her bed, told the nurse I had to check them into rmh and would eat dinner and be back once Ms V was settled. Gerri was fine, talking up a storm with our new neighbors :) I drove the girls over to rmh, showed them our room, relaxed a bit. Ms V was dying to show Cousin Cole the dress up area :) Victoria didn't have much to say about the train ride. Carla said they both did great and got many compliments on how well behaved they were :)
We had a nice dinner then I had to hug and kiss Ms V goodnight and head back to the hospital to stay with Gerri (so hard for this momma's heart to be split, thank heavens she was so happy to be with the big girls)
Gerri had a great night last night, slept through most of it. I had a "discussion" with the night nurse about her IV's, realized I wasn't going to win and had to let it go.
after a great nights sleep, playing her ipod and feeling pretty good

Dr vB did rounds early this morning, it was so strange to see him in a sweater!! He was very happy with her progress. He wants her IVs out (which is what I said but the nurse said no!), all meds by mouth, me to learn how to do trh transfers with the wheelchair, then we can be discharged to rmh for 1-2 days and then home!! He originally wanted to see us back in 3 weeks but that is the day before christmas eve and the train is booked, so he reluctantly agreed to let us come back in 2 1/2 weeks for a check.
As soon as he finished with us I kissed Gerri bye, left her with our friends and headed back to rmh to see the crew. I stopped for coffee and got there just as breakfast was being served :) I spent a bit of time with them and then ran up to take a shower and change my clothes. Then Carla dropped me back at the hospital while they had a great time at the aquarium!
Once PT came by to show me a 1 person transfer we went to play with the volunteers in the lounge!

VERY serious UNO player!!

Then she got to do stickers!!

Her projects!!
Auntie sent some pictures from the aquarium!! cute seahorses

the girls LOVED the hippos!

they got to pet and feed the stingrays!!
After a very long day they popped in to say hi to Gerri. They were happy to see she was feeling better!! (she managed to move her bowels and she was feeling SO much better!!)
They had picked out a pink stingray for her and she was delighted!!
Ms V was a bit tired, cranky and out of sorts.
We settled Gerri in with the tv, the nurse checking on her and then I went back with the crew to rmh for dinner and some Ms V time. She settled down once we had some amazing home made pizza and lasagna and cookies!! Hugs and kisses, picked up clean undies and then headed back to Shriners and Gerri. The nurse is working on her meds and scripts so that come morning we can get ourselves checked out early in the day. We will head over to rmh and pick up the crew to head to the train station. Carla and Cole are heading home while we wait at rmh till our ckout appt on Tuesday at clinic. Victoria will be so sad to see them leave, it has been a godsend having them here to entertain her while I am here with Gerri. Each day Gerri looks better and feels better. But I know tomorrow leaving here and being in the car and the wheelchair and then the room will be very hard on her. I cannot even think how much it will hurt to have the onQ system taken off since they used tegaderm to hold the small tubing onto her leg. Just taking the small pieces of tegaderm off her hands and IV just about killed her. And the tegaderm is all over her left leg and will have to be pulled off to get the wires off :(
:( That leg is pretty swollen too and we had ice on it tonight. hopefully by Tuesday it will be a bit less sensitive and swollen.
tomorrow will be tough, I really hope that once Ms V spends some time with her at rmh and Gerri is feeling better they will start playing together and be ok :)
I am tired and feeling very old. I hate seeing her in pain, even knowing it is for the best in the long run. It is so hard to take away her hard won mobility. She won't be able to shower for 1 week, no baths for 2 weeks, no weight bearing till we see him and he says her hip is ok. Her leg needs to stay straight till we see him too, so another 2 weeks. He is pretty sure she will have to use the loaner wheelchair for the next month, sit on her bottom that long too :(
Should be interesting just getting her dressed in the morning :)

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