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Friday, May 28, 2010


Trying out her new wheels!
We didn't have much timeto use this before we left on our road trip.

We then decided to go for a walk and see what was near us

Aptly named Granite point :)

Lobster pots

Lunch was at N*ate's - Dan had his longed for Fried clams and I had Fried Haddock!!

The beach across the street - Danny was checking the water temp :)

Oh yah - he got his sneaks wet!

Family coming up to visit tomorrow and the kids are SO excited!!


Jodi said...

what a cute little cafe! Was it good? Clams-bleh.
Looks really fun :)

Does it say Lindsey in the sand? I bet your kids did that because the are SO EXCITED about her coming, right ;)

maybe I'll tell that anyway! ha ha

Sally-Girl! said...

So glad you got a chair for Gerri. Is it a rental or hers? That looks like a great rental if so and if hers I am amazed at how fast you got it! Bryson's custom chair to almost 7 weeks to get. And his rental was a joke!

Princess Olivia said...

Thats so awesome she has a chair to use. She's doing pretty well manuvering it between the table and chair! I'd get it stuck. lol.

Ahh, fried clams and haddock - one of the great things about living here in NH. mmmmm, now I'm hungry.

MoonDog said...

she looks so cute! but that is SO not what I thought you would sound like!

Jodi said...

I don't even know what haddock is...a fish right?

And I have never had a clam, but yuck...slimy and creature-like.