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Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

We drove down to my sister's for a Memorial Day BBQ!
Auntie brought out her birdies which made Ms V very happy!

Auntie brought out one of Nicole's old toys, the girls love it!

Wanting to play with the other kids, but afraid to :(

What she was watching!

It got hot enough that she was willing to try it out!


The other princess napping :)

Uncle Mike showed up all dressed up from marching in the Memorial Day parade!!

Chillin out with her men :) Daddy and Uncles :)

Uncle Mike showing her the different birds and their calls

Swinging with Nana - she left right after eating for vacation!

Finally met Grammy and Grampy!! Here is Grammy :)

Rolling the ball with cousin Nicole!

Shooting hoops with Uncle Adam

They both loved this jiggly bug game!!

We had a great time!
It is SO nice to be around family :)
We left to drive back to Rockport and decided to take a quick pit stop at Bearskin Neck.
Since I had left my camera at my sisters :( we had to use our cell phones
I took this one:

Hubby took this one:
Notice how much better a cell phone picture I take :)

Kiddos were SO tired from all the exercise today!!
Happy Memorial Day to all the veterans!!!!

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Kylie Mc said...

Oooo, you're making me super excited for our trip home this summer. You're so right, it is so nice to be around family! I really miss mine. Happy Memorial Day! :)