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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hang Out Day!

Since it is the holiday weekend we wnated to hang around to stay out of traffic.
I ran out to the store in the am and could not believe the traffic going to Good Harbour beach! Don't these people know it is COLD!!!!
So we realized that we would be hanging around the cottage today.

The kids were playing restaurant and here is waiter Danny taking their order

Victoria was in charge of the soup
See my potato soup and spoon?

Taking a break :)

Victoria went down for a nap so the kids got out their toy boxes.
If you look closely you will notice that she is asleep :) :)

Rolling the ball back and forth


Jodi said...

THOSE are the kind of spoons I like...can't stand those little ones that nothing fits on ;)

And the VIDEO!! Now we're talkin!

It's looking much more like it does around MY house now...ha haa

Jo's Corner said...

I needed to laugh! The video was darling! TOO CUTE!!!