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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Second day swimming 5/23/10 at

Look how far she has come!!!

Yes, I remembered the floaties this time!
Gerri took a bit to figure out the floatation thing.
Because her left side is more affected it is weaker and she kept going around in circles :)
She took a while to figure it out, but she did and had all arms and legs working!

We were there long enough that we had to take a rest/nap break :)

Then the kids had to jump on the trampoline after a whole day of swimming!

They were all sound asleep at 8:15 after watching Nim's Island. They all slept till 7:30 am today!!

We decided to not go to the pool today, figured it would be really busy on a Sunday.
The kids all had lots of color and poor Gerri got a sunburn on the back of her legs and ch**ks :)
We cleaned house, picked up and started pulling things together for our road trip up north :)

1 comment:

Jodi said...

Talk about a way to tire them out!!!
You're a smart woman Nancy.

I need to get a pool and a trampoline :)