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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cookies and Gifts from Ireland!!!!

Since Nana isn't here to do the messy stuff Ms Lindsey stepped in!

Do you think this is too many cooks???

Decorations is the best part!! Each kid had a different color so we could keep them straight

The final result!

Using up some energy

Doesn't everyone lay back and read while on the trampoline??

We dropped the girls off at the pool while we took Danny to the psychologist.
(once again let me say how much we LOVE having another set of hands!!)
Danny got to spend some one on one with the Dr and he came out after and said he liked him :)
We had a quick lunch and then joined the girls at the pool.
After swimming for a couple of hours we treated everyone to ice cream!

When we got home we had a package in the mail all the way from Ireland!!!

How sweet is this!!

The kids were very excited!

A new shirt and a Waldo book!

Victoria has a fairy book and new dress!

Gerri had a dress and 2 shirts and a sticker book!!
Thank you Cass and family!!


Sally-Girl! said...

The kids are so cute!!!!

Jodi said...

That was SO nice of Cass! How sweet and thoughtful :)

The bottom pic of Gerri is really nice, I love it :)