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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th!

We went over to Green C*ve Springs for a pre 4th festival. The weather was not the best so there was not too much going on. The kids did play on an inflatable slide. We had planned on eating there but it was really expensive and because of the weather lots of booths had closed up. I didn't have my camera so took a quick shot from my cell phone.

We had dinner at a mexican place and then headed to the boat
This was Gerri and Lindsey's first tome on board!

The kids LOVE her!! and fight for her attention

Danny found a spider and everyone got involved - except me :)

The girls found their perches on the bow

The crew hanging out before heading below for bed

Watching Barbie - Mermaid movie :)

Watching Nemo :)
We let them stay up a little later than normal since they were so excited!

Early on the 4th, so far the weather is clear!

Watching the sun come up!

Letting go of the dock!! We decided to head out to St Augustine before the rain came! So we were off the dock at 7:30 am!

Lindsey pitched right in, helping Danny with his morning work!

The girls were so excited about looking through the binoculars!

Unfortunately soon after that I heard a change in pitch in one of the engines, so Dan headed below and was promptly chased back up in the cockpit by lots of black smoke!!!
I shut down the engines and he opened up the hatches.
We finally got enough smoke cleared out that he could see that we blew a mixing elbow on one of the engines. Now we had just had one done last week and don't ask me but doesn't it make sense if one went then the other one would probably need to be done too???
I managed to resist pointing this out to hubby :)
We had to call for a tow - thank heavens for towing insurance!

As you can see the weather changed a bit too. Dan was antsy waiting inside and Danny had to be there too!

By the time we got near our dock the weather had cleared up and the girls were fascinated by the whole process!!
They are not allowed to step outside of the cockpit without a floatie or an adult so they sat on the EDGE!

While we were being towed I was down below cleaning up as much as I could. Luckily there was no fire, just LOTS of black smoke. Man did it get on everything! I told Dan that he would do anything to get me to clean all the cabinets and surfaces!!
We packed everything up and headed back to the house.

Our neighbor has a party every 4th so we headed on down since we were home. The kids were so excited about swimming!

Danny relaxing and getting a ride about via Gerri power!

Danny took Lindsey down to the dock to check things out.
There were other teens there, so Lindsey hung around us for the most part. She normally swims but didn't want to muss her hair or makeup :) and NO Jodi I did not tease her (ok maybe I did :))

Here Danny is having a ball with snappers!

The kids swam the whole time we were there except when I made them get out to eat.
They were exhausted!
Girl Power!!!

Hope everyone had a very happy 4th!!
Ours certainly did not end the way we thought or planned, but we adapted and had a great time anyway!


Jodi said...

What an adventure! Sounds like so much fun, well most of it anyway!

That one picture of all the sail boats looks exactly like the beginning picture on Gilligans Island :)

Lindsey looks like she's having a ball down there.....I'm SO glad she could come :)

Jodi said...

And by the way, she is wearing ENTIRELY too much make-up!

(and she KNOWS it) ;)


Sally-Girl! said...

I am not sure if I am more jealous of you having Lindsey or being home on the 4th of July!!! Remember we also spent the 4th in Guatemala!!! Okay and Korea too!