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Saturday, July 31, 2010

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The waiting for PT

Throwing the ball with both hands over her head!!

Rolling backwards to get the bean bag out of the basket

And then throwing it over Ms Sara's head to the bucket

the poor baby had to get her last 3 cavities filled - 1 of which was huge!

Another 1 1/2 hours at the dentist!

Thursday we had no appointments so we did the trolley tour of old St Augustine
Here the munchkins are outside the Old Jail with the sheriff!

Here the inmates are weeding
Here a trustee tells us all about the jail

The gallows - and they did have several hangings here!

The girls in the "girls" cell. There are only two cells in the whole jail for women
There were just enough women to cook and clean!

This is the view from the death sentence cell
That would be the gallows!

Here is the solitary cell, It is dark dark dark in there!
Th trustee said they try to limit time inside to less than 2 weeks so the inmate does not go blind.

Here is the kitchen

The sheriff's quarters!

Here is the general prisoner part of the jail, with a life size statue of the sheriff

Here is the St Augustine museum

Victoria playing with the penny squisher machine :)

We also stopped at the Winery :) ;)

It was really hot and they have cooled towels!

In the right corner are some of the steel tanks

The barrel room :) Set up for a wedding

the bottling room

The best part - the taste testing!

After a quick lunch of pizza we hit Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum
Here is the world's largest erector set!

Here we are in the pirate room!
R*pley's was not what we expected, but it is old and the first of its museums, and not at all handicap accessible!!! We had to carry the stroller up and down stairs. :(

Yes, she is a traitor!!
I mean Maggie :)

Friday am we hung around till Dan finished his chiropractor appt
Gerri wanted to do the dance game - and she did!!!
(she is in her bathing suit!)

Danny showed off a bit too!

We spent the whole rest of the day at the water park!!

I finally got Victoria to go down the water slide and then she wouldn't stop!

Lindsey had to cool off every once in a while - Danny would shoot water at her :)

Some eye candy for Lindsey

The girls floating while Danny went down the big slide!

Time to get out to eat!

How cool - the sun peaking around the clouds and the rain in the back ground

It was a really long day and the kids were all very tired!!
I went up to check on the kids before bed and found this:

So I had to go looking for her and found this:
That is Lindsey's bed :) :0
She was sound asleep! I asked her this am about it and she didn't believe me till I showed her the pics :)


Jodi said...

Who are you trying to kid Nancy...saying the eye candy is for 'Lindsey' ...yeah right!

YOU'RE the one always taking the pictures! And I am so 'ON' to you.

I'm telling Dan why you like to go to the pool so much.

Delahne said...

I'm enjoying your blog. I stayed up too late last night reading back on your adventures. Looks like Gerri and Hannah are a lot alike physically, although I haven't gotten far enough back to see what her original status was. I see her standing on her ankles, which we were told by the foster family was an absolute no-no. Haven't started PT or gotten into the Ortho doc yet, so I'd appreciate your input on that.