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Monday, July 19, 2010


Today was one busy day!
We started off with PT!
Danny came with since he hasn't been around for her other appts.
Here she is working on balance and using all her stomach muscles!

Reaching over her head with both hands!

She rode the bike all the way around the building!!

Then she pulled herself upright to standing 10 times using her hands and 10 times with NO hands!!

I called the pediatrician to see if they could squeeze us in. Danny has had this really wierd rash for a week now and it is getting worse. They had told me to use a cream we had but it wasn't working.
They told me to come on in!
So we ran to the dr's, got looked at, found out he has Impetigo!! Ran to the store to get his scripts filled!
By the time we got home we had been out and about for 3 1/2 hrs!
I had to get everyone fed and start washing Danny's bedding and all the towels, bathing suits, tub, shower and empty and clean the hot tub. Danny is contagious and we already noticed one spot on Gerri :(

Then we headed off to the dentist.
Danny went first, but I did not take any photos cause he was SO upset about what was happening.
unfortunately the dentist was really busy so we had to wait.
By the time he came in Danny was really upset. Luckily since his cavity was small he did not need novacaine and he was done pretty quick. Dan took him home so I could stay with Gerri.
Here we are before we started anything!

Here is her smile after 3 shots of novacaine!!!
She kept saying how beautiful it was that she could not feel her cheek or lip :)
I had her squeeze my hands when they shot her up - she was SO good!

Here she is with cotton in her mouth. I took a pic just for her.
She was in the chair for 1 1/2 hours!! I could tell she was tired and over it all by the end.
They did 5 of her cavities and he threw in the 1 he was going to watch since she was all numbed up!
After we were done I had her make a quick potty stop. I helped her pull her pants down and then sit down, I turned to lock the door and heard a thud! She had fallen right off the pot!
Luckily she was not hurt, just a bit shaken up.
She relaxed in the car on the ride home and was SO happy to tell everyone how good she was.
Danny could not believe she did not cry!

Dan got his 2 new tires for the lawn mower so the kids ALL sat around and watched while he put it back together, while I kept the washer running!
The day just flew by and lots got done!!


Jodi said...

Yesterday Lindsey said she had a 'suntan rash' I said what the heck is that? she said 'you know, the rash you get from being in the sun too much'.....hmmmm.
Perhaps Gerri isn't the only one with a spot...

Better take a look ;)

MoonDog said...

lindsey is right, you can get a rash from too much sun! been there done that! ruined the last days of a mexican vacation too!

Kristin Ferguson said...

Wow Nancy! I'm tired just reading about your day!!!

Gerri is looking so AMERICAN and so darn cute with her tan and her sunglasses. I like her hair growing longer again as well. What a trooper with all of those cavities too. I'm suspecting Nadia has at least 1 or 2 on a few of her upper teeth. We'll see. Guess that tooth brushing thing does have some merit after all!

Hope tomorrow is less busy!