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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Friday was busy!!

the girls had SO much fun

hey mom look!

Danny had his end of camp show!

This is what they were learning and working on all week

See which cub scout got the compassion award!?!?!?

He was SO excited to see us all!
We got out early so we headed out to St Augustine Beach
We decided to hit the infamous lighthouse!

Danny and Lindsey decided to head on up!

Victoria and I snuck inside to take a peak.

Danny kept hanging over the edge, freaking poor Lindsey out. She is a BIT afraid of heights :)

The peanut gallery cheering them on!
I told them both that they would be tall enough to climb next year

From there we headed on over to the museum
Part of it was downstairs

Unfortunately it was NOT handicap accessible :(

Outside they were building boats

We had a quick dinner at American Graffiti

We go by this every time we head into St Augustine

So we decided to head on over!

They had a nice playground too

Danny was helping Victoria and Gerri was standing up holding on!

They are like a bunch of monkeys!

Even the big kids had fun :)
the best part is that they were all tired by the end of the day!


Jodi said...

I must have misses these! I don't remember seeing them.

Great pictures, looks like a lot of fun and a beautiful day!

Jodi said...

ok, but that was sad seeing Gerri sitting there looking down the stairs :(
I felt really bad for her.

Jodi said...

I'm sorry, this is the last comment...

But did you see the look on Lindseys face in the dungeon picture??

I think she was possessed by that evil doll!

That's the look I get when I say "can you do the dishes for me"??