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Friday, July 9, 2010

Dentist X's 2! and another Pool day!

Victoria was supposed to go first, but decided she wanted Gerri to go first. We had her sit on a chair so she could see it would not hurt.

Gerri sat very quietly while they did xrays and cleaned her teeth.

Victoria was taken into the room next door so I split my time between the 2 rooms.
Dan was in the first room gettin his teeth clean, Gerri in the 2nd room and Victoria in the 3rd!
They tried to get Victoria to do the xrays but there was just no way, her gag reflex is just too high.
She settled down by watching the doggie movie that Danny watched the day before.

The hygenist cleaned Gerri's teeth, then the dentist cleaned them twice more!! Unfortunately she as 8 cavities!!!! He had to use scaling equipment to clean the tartar off her teeth.
We are not sure about the 2 teeth that are still not in on the top. When she goes in for her fillings we will probably get an xray of her front teeth to see if they just haven't come down yet.

Oh my gosh they are white!!!!

She has obviously been to the dentist since she seemed comfortable and we had told her no ouchies.

Victoria sat amazingly still while getting her teeth cleaned and checked by the dentist.

Gerri came in at the end to watch. Victoria has NO cavities!!!
Both kids got their teeth painted with flouride and we were done!
We ran to the store and each girl got a cookie to celebrate how good they were!!

Today was a HOT one! over 100 degrees!
So we went to the big pool.
This picture is to show that Lindsey does have bathing suit bottoms :)
Jodi I have been feeding her - she is too darn skinny :)
I told her my goal was to send her home in clothes one size bigger!!

I am NOT TIRED!!!!

No NAP!!

Lindsey was a good girl and did laps :)
Danny her ever faithful sidekick watched from the sidelines

Jodi - here is a picture of your next SIL!!

Sorry for the picture quality, my camera is not liking the sun :(

All the kids swam and swam. The kids are all swimming like fish!
Lindsey and I swam around the pool with the kids depending on where the cute lifeguards were.
Friday dinner is my favorite! take out pizza and italian food!


Jodi said...

Hi there!

Oh, I can't wait to get Artioms teeth done...his mouth is nasty. But he needs to be sedated and we haven't set that up yet....I know he has a lot of cavities and he won't let me brush either.

So, that's my future SIL huh? But it can't be....his name isn't Reese! HA.

I know, I'm creeping this kid out. And probably his mother too ;)

My sister in law took a look at the life guard and said "HOT DOG" I'd leave my husband for THAT one!

Jodi said...

And after closer inspection, the bikini picture of Lindsey proves that she's a genetic mutant.

There is NO one on either side of the family that has THOSE genes!

Oh, but I wish I did...why can't life be a little more fair?