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Sunday, July 25, 2010


We hit the library on Friday and the girls played Dora

and got Danny his own card!! He is SO excited!
The best part is that Lindsey goes with us and she has been reading as much as me :)

We then headed out to the big pool for some exercise. The kids loved staying under the bucket waiting for it to empty on them!
Ah to be a kid again!!

We headed out to our favorite pizza place and the kids had their own table :)

This picture is for Lindsey's puppy - yes she is a traitor!!

Saturday morning Lindsey got to make Dan's famous spaghetti sauce :)

The girls got their bangs cut :)

We ran out to the store and hit McD's :)

Danny put a tattoo on Gerri

The kids ALL helped (?!?!?) Lindsey put on her new roller blades!

Then we ALL went onto the front porch to watch her :)
what a lucky ducky!!

Danny ran and got his scooter to catch up to her!
Hard to believe it is only a month till school starts!!

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Marianne said...

What a fun summer you're having! Is that a neighborhood pool that you go to? It looks like so much fun!