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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dentist and Biking!!

Danny had his first dentist appt in many years. When he last went at 4 yrs old the dentist told us his teeth looked good and to come back when he lost his baby teeth. :( Since we knew Gerri was going to need some work we decided to get Danny in too!
 The dentist was amazed that we were told that and we thought it would be good for Danny to go first.
He was a bit nervous but was a big boy!

The hygenist was really good about talking him through everything, even the xrays.

Getting his teeth cleaned

Getting flossed

Watching a really cute movie about 2 dogs and their first visit to the dentist

Turns out that Danny has one small cavity and will need to get it filled.
He did get his teeth painted with flouride.

The hygenist thought it was cool that I was taking photos so Danny could show them off to his sisters since they are both going tomorrow! It should be interesting to see how Victoria does, she has SUCH a big gag reflex :) They said she won't get xrays as she is too young.
Now Gerri is a totally different story. We know her teeth are not good, she has only been brushing her teeth since we have had her these last 3 months. The pediatrician thought she saw at least one cavitiy. Not to mention the fact that 2 of her teeth (next to her big top front teeth) have NOT come in. So it will be scary to see her xrays :(

Once home we hung out in the front yard. Gerri and Victoria rode their bikes and Danny and Lindsey rode the tandem bike :)

1 comment:

Jodi said...

Danny's so cute!

I talked with him on Skype this morning and he's such a sweetie :) He asked me if I saw the bike picture and video...which looked super fun!

He said he want's Lindsey to 'stay forever'....
which everyone here quickly replied "OKAY" I guess she got voted out!