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Friday, July 16, 2010

A little of this and that :)

Monday was PT day again, we are working on balance

and building up her stomach and back muscles.

The bike is always a hit!

Working on shifting her weight from side to side using her hands and body.

Working with Danny on his vtech abc game :)

We went to check out a preschool and Victoria really enjoyed herself!

You can see she left the baby hanging in the kitchen

It is only 10 minutes up the road and she will love it! She will go 2 mornings per week

Another day of PT and more work on balance :)

Victoria wanted to go :)

Am I not supposed to play with this???

Instead of the bike we tried the walker again :)

She did a great job!

They ended up playing in the sand together!!
How amazing Gerri is kneeling so well!

We celebrated by going to the big pool.
Linsdey wore her bathing suit and swam with the kids :)

I love this photo!!
They get along so well MOST of the time :)

No mommy, I am NOT tired. Ok honey, just watch the movie :)

Danny has been at cub scout camp all week and really misses the girls.
Here he is doing ABC's with Gerri on the Ipod touch

Cub scout camp is all about dinosaurs :)
Here are some of his crafts!

Dan had to replace the wheels on the lawnmower.
So one supervisor was napping while the other one kept him in line!

Gerri felt very important and ate her snack while keeping an eye on daddy

Lindsey decided to take a walk to the river. I told her it was going to rain, but she is 16 :)
Here she is running back to the house in the pouring rain :)
I was standing inside the garage offering my advice to hubby when I heard the rain and then kept an eye out for Lindsey.

I met her inside and she was not too wet. She quickly realized that during her mad dash back to the house she lost her phone!
Here she is in the rain heading out to look for her phone

Yes, Gerri and I relocated to the front porch to cheer her on!
Here she is on her way back, it took her a while
And yes, Jodi, she is carrying the umbrella instead of using it :)

We were getting a bit worried as seen below

Holding up the prized possession!!

Checking it out to make sure it is ok :)

Using the umbrella this time to get the mail!
I guess it is ok to use the rainforest umbrella in the yard where no one will see her but us :)
I don't know if you noticed her pants in the pictures?? But they have holes in them. Every kid looked at her and asked what happened to them :) Gerri said "what the hey?" Victoria wanted to know if her mommy was mad she broke them :)
Lindsey told Danny that she got into a fight with a bear :)

Painting nails :)
She even let Victoria paint hers!


Jodi said...

When I saw those pants I said 'what the hey' too!

She knows darn well she wasn't supposed to bring those!!!

Jodi said...

Danny- I LOVE the things you made! Very Good Job, you are creative and talented!