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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lots of rainy days!

We had lots of rain over the weekend, so we did not do much

Candyland :)

Play station 2 (gerri is playing)


(If you notice Gerri is NOT looking at the camera - she and Danny had done something that they were expressly told not to, but I did not know it yet :(  )

Making pudding

You can't tell it by the picture, but we lost power and it was dark. The kids were fascinated by the thunder and lightening.

Gerri's last PT since she starts casting next week!!!!

Getting up and down on her own

Pulling a big rubber band!

She was able to pull all the way back which is amazing for an arthro kid!!!!

Bucket/box whatever!!

Holding on cause crazy Victoria was rolling her!!

Finally no rain - kids went to pool!!!

Working on flash cards, It is not learning for Danny if he is teaching it, is it?!?!?!?


Jodi said...

What? Did I miss it? What did Gerri do?

Only thing I could think of was cut her bangs, but if she did it looks good :)

Jennifer said...

I want to come swimming too! That pool looks like so much fun :)