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Friday, August 13, 2010

Busy week!

We mad a run out to the kids' new school to drop off their health and immunization reports
Gerri was SO impressed by the mustang, which is the school's mascot.
We met with the new asst principal, he met Gerri. We talked about about her and Danny. They both have orientations next week. We talked about the special needs bus and he was not sure how to do that. Hopefully we get more info next week. He thinks they might have some reagular buses that can take wheelchairs, then the kids could go together!!

I had to wash Gerri's hair the other day and so we had to clean off the counters and I laid her out on top.
She giggled the whole time!!

Today we went shopping for first day of school clothes!

Tonight I decided Gerri really needed to get a good cleaning :)
So Victoria got in the tub, I held Gerri and Dan washed
Danny took pics :)

Truly a family affair :)
Is it just me or does it look like we are baptising her???
The kids thought this was just SO cool!!

Gerri is always asking to help.
Here she is doing the recycling run for us
She tried to carry the bottle between her legs but her casts get in the way and the glass has no give!

The "kids" making gingerbread dough!
We actually didn't make the cookies since it had to go in the fridge for an hour, then we forgot about it :)

Gerri is really doing well with her casts. She is getting used to moving around. She uses her wheelchair a lot more. This is really good for her to build up her trunk and back muscles!!
She has an OT eval on Monday and she can't wait to show her PT her pink casts!!

We have been hanging around home since she can't swim :( The kids are a bit antsy.
Tomorrow we have the cub scout beginning of the year pool/bbq party. 

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Merany :) said...

I love the pink casts but I cannot imagine how annoying it gets to not get them wet!!! It's not like it's on the arm or even ONE cast. Wow. You are such a dedicated family! And I was wondering if Lindsey was still there. I had not seen her picture in the last couple posts! I love your blog! And Gerri is SO tan!!!! :)