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Friday, August 27, 2010

Readoption Day!!!

Wednesday was our readoption court hearing.
I would have posted yesterday but had internet issues which only got cleared up this afternoon.

Hanging around waiting for our lawyer before court :)

My new favorite photo!!!

Court was very quick. The grumpy judge we had in June was on vacation and we were lucky enough to have the judge that the court house was named after!!!
He had us raise our hands and swear to tell the truth. To which Danny promptly replied "NO Swearing"!! :)
The judge then asked if they wanted a new sister, to which Victoria promptly replied "NO"!
As the judge was reading our paperwork he kept saying Geraldine and every time she would say "Gerri"!
Luckily everyone laughed at all the kids :)
We were very lucky to get the judge that loves to do adoptions!!
At the end he told Gerri that he had one requirement and that was he got a hug!!

A family photo with the judge!

Of course - ice cream to celebrate!!!
We have already filled out the paperwork at the courthouse to send to vital statistics to get Gerri a state of FL birth certificate with both of our names!!
We will use the court judgements to get her citizenship paperwork filed too.
She currently has a green card (since she was legally adopted by only one parent in country).
Then we head back to social security to change her status :)
Then we get her a US passport!

We also got her Ukrainian passport back from the consulate in DC. It only took 4 months!!!! woo hoo!


Cindy said...

Congratulations!!!! We're right behind you in the process! Love the pics of all of you - you all look wonderful! Especially love the shot of Gerri getting ready to hug the judge!

Jenny said...

You guys are awesome! Love the pictures! We have to have 2 SDA appointments and hope to get to see Benjamin Thurs this week. Patience right?? Hugs

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS!!!! So exciting!!!

Anna R. (from RR, yes the crazy chick adopting Corinna)