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Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of School!!!!

Thank Heavens school started today!!!!!
Both Danny and Gerri had their hair trimmed for school.
The kids were so excited! They were up before 6 am!

Danny was a bit nervous, stomach ache and slight breakdown while waiting for his bus. Luckily it was a couple of minutes late and he was able to get it together and go off happy!!

Danny's bus came first!

We all stood and waved goodbye to Danny and his bus

We then waited and waited and waitied for Gerri's special bus.
We waited till the last possible minute and still make it on time and it was no where.
So I loaded her and Victoria up in my car and drove.
It was crazy at school!! We ended up being late. Gerri put her backpack away and we checked out the room's bathroom to make sure she could get in and do it herself (she was ok).
We then found her desk and the cutest little girl was right across from her and looking very sad.
I had them introduce themselves to each other and they were fast friends!!
Just as we were leaving Dan called to say that her bus had just arrived (45 minutes late!) The driver was a bit ticked we had not waitied and gave us a number to call in the future if we don't need her picked up!

Victoria and I headed on home to play and have fun. We had lunch and a nap.
Then we all went out front to wait for Gerri's bus. It was only a couple of minutes late.

Victoria thought it was SO cool and Gerri was SO excited!
She talked non-stop while they were trying to tell her what to do :)

We then had to wait for Danny's bus. Dan stood on the corner and here is Victoria walking down with a juice for him.

The first day is so crazy, Danny's bus was a half hour late.
The bus driver said it was crazy trying to get out of the school lot.

Victoria ran up to him and gave him a big hug!!
Both kids had a great day!!
They were so tired! Both fell asleep watching a movie before bed. :)


The Sanchez Family said...

Gerri's smile is absolutely PRICELESS! You gave her a HUGE reason to smile. Thank you GOD for people like you!

Sally-Girl! said...

Did I miss the post of the kids going to a new school or what??? Tell me!!!

They are all three cute!!! Can't wait for your 2nd casting tomorrow!!!

Cass and Rog said...

guys, Gerri looks amazing and looks so proud and excited to be going to school.I think she has gotten much taller to,as are Danny and victoria.You guys are such amazing parents, it reflects in your children.
Take care, Cass

Maria and Family said...

oh my gosh ! Gerri is GLOWING ! i cant get over the transformation in her, just so happy and beautiful..I would say her new family is the perfect fit for her :):)
So sorry danny was nervous..dont blame him ;) i was every year too..