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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Need some Help??

These pics were taken Friday.
Our internet service provider told me they would send out a tech between 8 and 12. So any guesses when he came???? How about 11:55!!!! Not happy being stuck waiting!
MS V HAD to help :)

He ended up replacing the modem. He said a bunch were recalled and they were replacing them. So we now have a new modem :)
And while he was checking things he found that our internet speed outside the house was much higher than inside the house. He said it was the phone filter they gave us so he put in a splitter and gave us an outlet with separate DSL and Phone/Fax lines :) :)
So now my internet is much faster!!!

It certainly made up for hanging around all morning!!

We had a nice quiet weekend. Danny and Gerri are tired from being in school last week.
Victoria has preschool orientation tomorrow and starts on Tuesday!!
She is So excited!!

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