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Saturday, August 21, 2010

School Orientation!!

Here are the school supplies for all 3 kids!

These are Gerri's (for kindergarten)

Danny's (for 2nd Grade)

Victoria's (for Prek3)

Thursday night was Kindergarten orientation
Gerri was SO amazed that her teacher KNEW her favorite color was orange!!

The class is a bit chaotic

Dan and Victoria in the corner reading a princess book :)

Gerri at her desk and SO proud!!!
Kindergarten has a staggered start.
So Gerri starts Monday and does not go back till Friday. This way the teacher has only 4 or 5 kids to walk through the routine and lunch and by Friday all 18 kids will be there!

Friday am was Danny's orientation for 2nd grade

He was very happy to see this was his :)

His teacher
He LOVED her!!!
I had some time to talk to her about Danny and some of his issues.
She was amazing!!!!
Danny loved telling everyone that she was wearing dog slippers!!!

Each kid in front of the school mascot!

We had Gerri's 504 meeting in the afternoon.
Her guidance counselor, teacher and the asst princial was there.
We went through her disabilities, her abilities and how we are going to work together to handle them.
I really liked them all :)

Ms V is feeling a little left out, she is too little for the BIG school, and her preschool doesn't start for another week. She told me today that she is going to be lonely :)
We are in that wonderful phase (almost 4) and just starting to give up her nap :(
Sometimes she is ok, sometimes she is a BEAR!!!!
snif, snif, our baby is growing up!!

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