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Sunday, August 15, 2010

a busy last weekend with Lindsey!

Saturday morning we had a cub scout beginning of the year pool/pizza party

Cool slide!

Having to sit out all the fun! :(

Eating Fruit!!!

Giving Mr Art some skin!

Victoria had SO much fun with Riley!!

Tired and replacing their fluids :)
As I knew it would be Gerri had a rough time not being able to swim with everyone.
We avoided the pool since she had her casts put on and we know how much she loves it.
Dan & I took turns sitting with her and swimming with the kids.
The other families had not seen her since before school ended and they ALL commented on how good she looked, how tan she is and how great her english is :)

Last night was a great party at the plantation.
It was a going away party for Ms Lindsey - we will SO miss her!

The kids went to Child Watch!
Here is the set up for the "Last shaker of salt" party!

Here is a montage of snippets of their songs!!

Yes, a picture of the two of us!!!
We had matching hawaiian outftis on - AAAAWWWWWEEEEE!

The kids had SUCH a good time and when we picked them up at 9:30 they were watching a movie and told us they had a great time. Even better the caretakers told us the kids were great!!
Here they are showing us their booty!
They made pizza, aprons and chef hats :)

I firmly believe idle hands are bad choice hands :)

I figured it was a good idea for Danny to clean the toilet since he is the one who has aim issues!!
Tomorrow Gerri has her OT evaluation and she is hoping to see Ms Sara her PT so she can show off her pink casts :)

Ms Lindsey goes home on Wednesday morning and we are counting down the days :(


Cindy said...

Oh man - basically a Buffet party!!! Did I forget to tell you in UA I play drums!!! Looks like a great time was had by all - know you all will miss Lindsey big time but what a way to send her off! The kiddos look beautiful as usual! Hard to believe summer is coming to an end!

Cindy said...

P.S. - Danny'a future wife already thanks you!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

Jodi said...

That looked like SO MUCH FUN!

We can't thank you enough having Lindsey for the summer, she had such a wonderful time. She'll never forget it.....and neither will her brother ;) ha haa

I know she's going to really miss the kids and you guys too.

Tell Gerri that she looks beautiful in her awesome pink casts, especially with her matching hat! Now THAT'S styling!