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Monday, August 16, 2010

OT Eval and getting wet!!

Gerri was SO excited to see Ms Sara her PT and show off her pink casts!!
Sad to find out Ms Sara  is changing offices, so we will not be seeing her once Gerri gets PT after her casting is done :(

Meeting Ms Christy for her OT eval
She has some really cool instruments :)

All sorts of measurements were taken

Checking hand and finger strength!

Getting tested for level
How amazing that she tested at 5 1/2 yrs old!!!!! She has come SO far SO fast!!

She and I hit McD's for lunch.

Dan had taken the other kids to the pool. I knew Gerri and I would be gone about 2 hours and figured they could play and have fun at the pool while Gerri and I were busy.
The Ot Eval ended up being 1 1/2 hours. So between the eval, driving and shopping we were gone 3 hours!

Ms Lindsey is enjoying her last days of FL sun :(

Hate watching her watch the others swim :(

So I had a brainstorm :) yah I know scary isn't it :)

I LOVE this picture!!!
The others left the big pool to come play with her :)
Gerri was SO excited to be able to play in the water!!

Here is a new pet that Lindsey is bringing home to her mom!!!!
Wally needs a buddy!!! :)
Yes, we grow them big in FL!!!!


Molly said...

She looks fantastic. She is SO TAN now. What a cutie pie.

Jill said...

That picture of the 3 of them with the heads in the water is awesome! So cute! :-)