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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cast #3!!!!

Happy to get picked up from school early and get mommy time :)

Gerri was laughing SO hard the tech couldn't help but laugh too!

I can not believe how good her feet look after only 2 casts!!!
After washing up her feet and legs, I trimmed her nails and then started massaging her feet to get ready for her next casts. Next time I am going to bring lotion too!

The doc was SO happy with her feet!

Gerri kept saying look at my feet!! they are getting straight!!

The doc is so happy with her progress that we are only going 1 week till her next cast change :) :)
Her right feet is movng faster than her left, but they are both progressing :)
The doc was telling us about a convention she went to last week in MD. She got to meet with THE to ortho club feet docs and another dr did a discussion of an 11 yr old newly adopted child from China with arthro and club feet and they all talked about the protocol, things to look out for and do to help. The consensus from all the docs was to stay the course and it WILL happen.
How amazing was that!!


Molly said...

she looks AWESOME.

Sally-Girl! said...

Oh they look so great!!!! But hey NO lotion allowed in between cast changes...sorry to burst your bubble! I tried too and the doctors said no way.

How awesome about the 11 year old boy! I am so happy for him and for the doctors agreeing to cast vs surgery to fix his feet!

Tracey S. said...

Yayyyy!!!! Ponseti Casting!!!! As an adult w/ a Arthrogrypotic Clubfoot that has had far too many surgeries and issues w/ it..this makes me sooo happy!

Cindy said...

Amazing the difference in the pics from the first casting!!! I can't believe the progress is this much this fast! Hooray for Gerri!!!! My heart still pops seeing the transformation!!!

Jill said...

What great news!!! Thanks for keeping us updated! I'm so happy she's progressing so well.

Anonymous said...

She's looking GREAT!

Christy said...

I'm glad she is making good progress! She looks so happy! :)

Michelle, Mike, Michael & Brett said...

That is awesome!!! She is so cute!!
I am happy for her and your family!! ;-)