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Monday, September 13, 2010

Girl time!!

It beauty shop time :) :)

Gerri did my hair too!!

We had lots of rain :(

Victoria and I took a ride to check out a YMCA today :)
We had a tour and really liked it so we signed up  for the family plan.
Dan & I will start with a personal trainer.
They have a really cool kids zone that Victoria promptly wanted to join!!
The best part is that it is all included!!
While talking to our tour guide I mentioned that we had a child with special needs, she smiled and said I do too!! Turns out she has a son with Down Syndrome!!! I told her that Gerri was adopted and has only been home for 5 months. She said she would LOVE to adopt a girl with Down Syndrome and loves to look online at a group called Reece's Rainbow!!!!!! What a small world!! I told her you would not believe how we found Gerri!!! She said she wants to keep in touch in case she can talk her hubby into it!!
What  a really really small world!!

Gerri was SO excited to have home work today!!

so diligent!!!!

I did not take any pics of Danny doing his homework, since I have to sit on him the whole time.
He is finally settling in, but realizes that he is the only one in his class that can not read.
In class today he had to write a bunch of spelling words so he made it look good :(
When I went through the list they were actually pretty darn close :) :)

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Jodi said...

Wow! That is really something about the woman and RR. I mean, really, what are the chances of that!?!

Michael really struggles with reading too. We do the Dick and Jane books and he can barely even get the really simple words. So, I know :)

Oh, and cute hair ;)