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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First day of Preschool!

Tuesday was Torri's first day of Preschool and she was a bit nervous.
She kept asking if we would be staying with her and we explained to her that she would have SO much fun and we would see her soon.
I didn't take the camera so she wouldn't feel it was big.
We had errands to do and I had my first visit to a chiropractor for my back and hip pain.
We were like 2 little kids waiting till it was time to go get her.
I pulled out my cell phone and snagged this photo of her running to us :)
Her teacher said she had a great day!!!
And she was very happy to say she painted!!
And because she was good she got a lollipop!

Our sweet little one!!
She was SO tired!!

As a follow up to the Gerri story from Monday!
Tuesday am I asked Gerri what she was going to say to her teacher and her answer was "I sorry" AARRRGGGHHHH. So I sat down on the stairs so we could talk eye to eye.
I explained to her that it was not her fault, that she was not in trouble and that her teacher would not know what happened if she did not tell her. I told her that her teacher would not be mad at her.
I told her that she needed to stand up and tell the truth.
She was SO scared!!
We both hugged her and told her we loved her.
When we got back from picking up Ms V from preschool I found an email from Gerri's teacher answering my email. I read it twice and then had hubby read it and we both felt ticked.
She basically said "As I said before I was not there, the kids have all been told to keep clear of her chair and I must not have been clear yesterday but I did understand that Gerri was accidentally pulled out of her chair"
Say What?!?!?!? That is NOT at all what she had said to me.
So I guess if Gerri had not told the truth we would not have known.
I had to walk away from the computer for a bit to cool down.
Dan was saying don't piss her off she will take it out on Gerri.
I can't print my answer :)

I finally sent an email to her to explain how important it is that Gerri be kept safe, that  she will NOT tell if she gets hurt or needs help. I asked if Gerri went to her first thing to tell her what happened. I then went on to explain WHY it was important for Gerri to come to her and explain the WHOLE story. I then asked her if Gerri did not go to her to PLEASE go to her and get her to talk to her.
After school I received an email back saying that Gerri did indeed come to her first thing in the morning and told her what happened. The teacher then told her that it was ok and she was NOT mad at her and that she had talked to the little girl and explained why it was not safe to do it.
When she got home from school we let her tell us how her day went.When she told us that she went to her teacher first thing and told her the whole story we all yelled "woo hoo" and hugged and kissed her!
She turned bright red and kept giggling :) :)

On the flip side Danny had a very rough day :(
I got 2 emails from his teacher with very defiant behaviour.
We knew it would be hard for him to get used to a new school, new teacher, new kids and totally new expectations. He is SO tired when he gets home :) and then has an hour of home work. :(
I am sure he is testing his new teacher to see what she will do.
I had given her the different phrases we have been working on with Danny and the psychologist. I also told her that consequences need to be immediate.
But I just love this story - the class was coloring with their colored pencils. The teacher told them to put it away for the next activity and Danny did not want to. She asked him again to clean up and he said no.
So she took his colored pencils, put then in a bag and stuck them on the wall!!!! He now needs to earn them back. What a great idea!!!

To top it off, Ms V woke up not feeling good this am. How can she get sick so fast after only 1 1/2 days of preschool!?!?!??  By tonight she was really dragging, runny nose, sneezing, slight fever and cranky!

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Molly said...

I look forward to seeing the update about Gerri. I am frustrated right alongside with you about this whole chair business!!