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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cast #6!!

Goodbye Blue!!

Waiting to be called

How funny is this?!?!??! They were backed up and we had to wait quite a while

Finally time to take 'em off!

Mama- look at my feet!!!

The Dr worked quite a bit on he left foot (the lagger) to get as much as possible out of it

The back of her knees are really tender and have sores, so the Dr had her bend her knee while she did the plaster on her feet and then once it dried she had her straighten her knees out a bit before the fiberglass cast went on

We always like to see HOW many we can fit in our room :)
Everyone likes to see her :)

Lots of progress on her left foot this week!!!! And WOW!! look at her right one!
She is walking all over the place today :) She keeps saying look at how tall I am!!

Quick request for prayers for hubby :( He has to see the skin Dr every 6 months and is paying for his MANY years of tanning and boating! Last week we found out that one of his moles they removed was actually Melanoma :( So he had to go back in yesterday to have more taken out! The kids are totally grossed out!! But love to help poor daddy. Please pray that it is all out and they have clean margins!!
I told him he is just in time for Halloween :)


Sally-Girl! said...

Prayers for continued feet correction and for hubby's melanoma.

MoonDog said...

that girl just gets more and more beautiful all the time!! great to see her feet making such progress! We have hot pink and sherbert orange legs around here. Wish I didnt have to fly all the way to philadelphia every two weeks but if thats what I gotta do for my babies then I will buck up and do it. Gerri's one foot looks a lot like Ben's crooked foot, turns in so far he trips on it. all this time we thought it was LEG but its all FOOT! so there is hope this casting can get it straight and he wont need surgery on it anytime soon. YAY! Thinking of you and hubby and your pretty babies

Julie Tocher said...

Wow! Her feet are really looking great!! What a difference.

Delahne said...


Marianne said...

Her little feet are making such progress! I'd love to see side by side pictures of the progress :-)

I had a pre-melanoma lesion on my back removed 5 years ago and they had to remove lots of tissue around it, too. Thankfully all I have is a scar. I'm so happy they caught it early for your husband!! Melanoma is the worst of the skin cancers.