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Friday, September 17, 2010

Decision Time!

Wednesday was Ms V's first real Cubbies class - a bit happy :)

No bye, no see ya later! :)

At pick up she was on the playground and as she said - "with boys"

Showing off a bit

Thursday night was open house at school

We went to Gerri's class first, here she is showing us her desk

She was very proud of her first book report!!

The kids all learn EEKK - elbow elbow knee knee, for sitting nicely

Here is her teacher in the middle explaining some things

The discipline board

Everyone has a clip with their name on it. They all start the day clipped to the blue bubble.
If they misbehave theri clip moves up the bubbles till they get to red and a phone call home!!

Hee hee, Gerri is the caboose (good thing she has no idea what that is :))

Her home made book box :)

Learning the colors of the rainbow and how to read them
Her teacher said she just LOVES to learn!! She is a bit of a talker, but she said all the kids are!

Then we headed on to Danny's class!!
Here is his self portrait!!

Sitting in his chair and listening to his teacher talk

Danny is a table washer :)

His colored pencils still on the board :) :)
Now he has a buddies pencils there too!!

The teacher showed us this really cool system she uses. Each kid has a clicky and picks the answers. She can then see who is picking what. She had the parents play and it was fun!

Danny showing us his whisper phone :) :)
The kids use it when they read to themselves!! how cool!!

We had a great talk with his teacher. She is still doing testing on him and hopes to be done next week.
His biggest problem is his not reading, so much of what they do involves reading.
We talked about how far he has already come. Luckily his behavior is not a problem :)
His teacher mentioned that once she finished the testing we would have a meeting to started an IEP. She then said since we signed off on his old one we would need to start a new one and the office is saying it will take till at least December to get it done!!
Right about now I was seeing RED! That is not what we were told when I met with the asst principal before moving Danny over. I was told that he would be redflagged right away, and services would start to see if they could get him on level with the class. That he would be retested every month to see if his learning curve would allow him to catch up.
I told her that December was unacceptable, that by then he would be SO far behind he would never be able to catch up. I told her that we were going to put him in 1st grade but the asst principal said to just put him where he should be and they would take care of him.
By the time we left Dan & I were so not happy!!
I calmed down enough to send an email to the new asst principal, the school guidance counselor and his teacher. I pretty much told them what we were promised and that taking till December to get him services was completely unacceptable. I also told them that we signed off on his previous IEP cause we were told he no longer qualified. I gave them our home and cell numbers and told them I expected a phone call back asap.
This morning I left a voice message for the guidance counselor asking for a phone call back today.
I did receive a call just before lunch from the asst principal and the guidance counselor asking us to come in next Tuesday am. I told them I would be there, but htat I wanted everyone involved to be there, including ESE. This is not our first time dealing with stuff!!
We will get what we were promised!!!
Danny does NOT deserve this!
I will walk into this meeting with the name and phone number of the head of the ESE program for the county!
Please pray that they do what is RIGHT!


Jane Michaud said...

Ah Nanc, it is so sad, but the reality is, those of us with kids that have learning challenges have to be our children's best and strongest advocates. Mainstream education wants to spend the least amount of resources to get the most amount of students through the system as fast as possible. You, if anyone, can get Danny what he needs, and more importantly, what you were promised.

Praying for a great resolution to all of this on Tuesday. HUGS!

Tami said...

You go momma bear, get that little bear all that he needs! It is his right, and the LAW!

Chris said...

They're called SSD where we live and they're not any better here. My husband once said, "I hate those people, they make you crazy". I think they are more about following guidelines than helping children. AHH! Best of luck, fight the good fight.