Join us in the adventures of our family, with our Belarussian Prince, Guatemalan Princessa and Ukrainian Princesses!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Shoes!!

Is there anything more exciting then a pair of new shoes?!?!?!?

And of course, it is SO much better when they light up!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hello Nan and Dan. My name is Luba, i was born and raised in Belarus and now live in the US, married and have 2 boys. We are adopting Sophie from Ukraine with the help of Reece's Rainbow. So who is your Belarusian prince??? I would love to know more and establish more of a connection with you. Where in Belarus is he from? How old? We wanted to adopt from Belarus first, but they said we can't (even though I have Bel.citizenship!!), but we'll inquire more when we go there (just a quick stop on the way to Ukraine) hopefully in Nov.
Anyways, looking forward to hearing from you. Luba.

Jennifer said...

You definitely have yourself a girlie girl there :) Gotta love shoes!!! She is so beautiful Nancy!!! I just want to give her a squeeze :)