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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Follow Up!!

We call this getting the "stink eye"!!

We DID get a phone call Friday afternoon from the asst principal to say they had their meeting today adn Danny is most definately going to Tier 2. They will have his RTI meeting next week and establish his goals and how they are going to get him there. He should start getting extra help by end of next week or the beginning of the following week.

We have had SO many great comments and offers of help, can not thank you all enough!!!!
Molly even volunteered to do some testing on him, so we hooked up on Skype and Danny had SO much fun!! He told her really liked her :) :)

Gerri has been acting out a bit lately. She has been making some bad choices :(
We tell her we love her, but that we don't like her bad choice. She goes to time out to think about it and then I sit with her to make sure she understands what the good choice was. She has been doing it more and more, but we are being consistent. The good part of this is that it shows she is comfortable with us all and is willing to test!!  Funny thing is that Danny has been GREAT lately!
We also tell her that each day is a fresh day and it all starts over again :)

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Molly said...

I really really like him too! :-) He did great (as did you!) he is clearly a smart lil cookie and he knows all his sounds really well! On Weds we should be analyzing the test in class so I will keep you posted!!

He is so adorable and hilarious!