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Friday, September 3, 2010

Settling in to school!

Getting ready for school Wednesday
Can you tell their favorite color?!?!?!?

Singing to each other while waiting for the bus

Ms V and I went shopping at W*lm*rt, here she is singing and dancing in the aisle to the We did it song!

Lunch at McD's with her new shoes on!!
Still feeling a little under the weather! 

As soon as Gerri got home from school I took he to get her Pictures taken for her citizenship application.
I bought her this princess phone for being SO good yesterday and telling her teacher the truth!!
She is calling daddy to tell him about her new phone (and eating snack)
We then went to the post office to mail it off!

When we got home we found out that we got a package from Grampy and Grammy!!
wearing their bunny ears(from the 3 day cancer walk) and new clothes!!

Ms V had to show everyone her cheerleader pom poms ($1.50 on clearance)
And oh my gosh - they light up!!!

This was yesterday after school waiting for Danny's bus
Victoria had a great day at preschool! Felt much better
We alway ask the kids if they had a good day at school and if they have anything to tell us.
Gerri said she had a great day
When we got inside Dan was on the phone.
When he got off he turned to us and said "Gerri, did something happen at school today?"
Her answer was "No"
You know when you get that sick feeling in your stomach??
He said, that was Gerri's teacher on the phone - oh no!!!
We both looked at Gerri and she wouldn't look at us.
Turns out while heading to lunch she was fooling around in her wheelchair and fell out! ALL by herself!!
(we aren't going to talk about how she was supposed to be buckled in whenever she left the classroom)
The teacher wanted to let us know (CYA) and to say that from now on she will have to be buckled in at all times. When Dan hung up he said she was real short. Then he said "are we sure she didn't fall out the other day"??? I said if the teacher didn't tell us that yes she was pulled out we would feel like real jerks now.
We had a long sit down explanation about how that even when you do something wrong you have to let mommy and daddy know. Above all else you do NOT lie!!  Gerri was very sorry, cried, gave herself punishment of time out, no dessert, no movie after tubby, and direct to bed.
We knew she knew what she was doing cause it was written all over her face.
She went up to bed very sad and then I waited a bit to go up and talk to her.
We talked about what happens when you make a bad choice. We talked about how mommy and daddy will always love you even when you make bad choices. She finally admiited that she knew she would be in trouble for not paying attention and falling out of her chair and that is why she did not say anything.
We talked about what would happen if she got hurt or broke her hip. How she would now have to wear her buckle all the time so she will be safe.
We talked about how a bad choice would have consequences but lying has MUCH bigger consequences!
She cried quite a bit and we talked about why she was sad, why she was crying and what she could have done differently.  I asked her if Danny made bad choices and she said yes, I asked her if he has gotten in trouble for lying and she said yes, then I asked her if we loved Danny still and she said yes.
So we talked a bit about making bad choices and what happens. When we were done I asked her if she had anything to say. She thought a minute and said "I not do it anymore" I asked if she had anything else? and she said "I need a hug"
OH MY GOSH!!!! Breakthrough!!!!!!!!
We hugged and she cried a bit more, I told her we loved her very much and are VERY sad when she makes bad choices. And how very very sad we would be if she got hurt.

The really good lesson both kids learned was that mommy and daddy always find out either by phone or email. So the best thiing is to fess up first!

It is now Friday night of the long weekend!
Everyone said they had a good day at school and we did not get an email or phone call!!!
Here they are watching a movie and playing school while the pizza cooks!
Praying all our friends and family are safe from Hurricane Earl!!

Happy Labor Day Weekend!!


Jodi said...

I just had to google CYA!

ha ha :)

It's always something isn't it!??

Gotta love parenthood.

Lindsey got her card today, you guys are so sweet! (and STILL trying to put some weight on her, I see) :) :) :)

Sally-Girl! said...

I love the huge chalkboard and Ms. V's cute little panties!!!

So happy for the breakthrough! We had one od those a few weeks ago!!!

Yes, seat belts are ALWAY on when in a wheelchair...ALWAYS!!!!! ANd if they don't there is a thingy you can put on it to make it child safe.

BTW We are DTC today!!!

Jo's Corner said...

I need to say someone who is in a wheelchair all the is VERY easy to fall out of a chair, but it would be even easier if you have the weight of two casts hanging on your legs. I cannot tell you how many times I've fallen out just bending forward to pick something up. I do understand the safety issue, so I get what you are trying to teach her. And, I think she "over punished" herself for what could have easily been an accident and not feeling safe enough to communicate that with you or her teacher. Sounds like she doesn't quite get the whole communication thing just yet. Please, Please, don't think that she might have lied to you about the being pulled incident. She needs you to believe her. More than ever, she needs to know that you are going to believe her over someone else. I worry that if there should come a time when someone really IS abusing her and she won't tell you because she will think you would believe the other person before her.

Okay, said what I feel and I hope you're not angry!! I just feel so much love for that little girl who has gone through SO MANY new experiences in just a few short months. Sorry, if I came across in an ugly way! JO