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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Adoption Center appt done!!

The church located right next to the adoption center:

Standing in front of the door to the adoption center:
Yup, that is me!

Yulia and Serge inside:
We actually got there early!! Serge bought me a coffee and we waited.
We went upstairs at 10:00 and went right inside the office.
Our dossier was sitting on the table in a binder and Sveta's paperwork was sitting right next to it :)
The whole appointment would have been 5 minutes, but Serge likes to talk :)
But even then we were in and out in 20 minutes and I will have the referral in hand tonight!!
The adoption center lady loved my picture book and let me swap out a picture I had of Sveta with her BABY PICTURE!!!!!
Really cool too is that another American family (not from RR) is also adopting from the same orphanage so we will all be traveling tonight on the train!
I will be meeting our new daughter tomorrow!!!!!
I am celebrating in the apartment right now with my remaining beer and chocolate!!
Don't want to have to pack it now do I????? hee hee
What an incredible day!
thanks so much for all your good thoughts and prayers!
They obviously worked!


Alyson and Ford said...

You look great (and so happy) in the picture! Enjoy this day!

Alyzabeth's Mommy

Lisa said...

Oh, Nancy, CONGRATULATIONS!! I can hardly wait to hear more! p.s. we were submitted today :)!

wordgardener said...

Wow Nancy I could not be more happy for you nor could I be more excited by the excellent job you are doing on your blog! Great adventure series! and keeping you in my thoughts and prayers every day. Big hugs and kisses. If you get a chance ask Serge about Marina and tell him it won't be long. See if he or Yulia can tell you what size she is:) I am in shopping mode! Love, cathy b.

Kristin Ferguson said...

Congratulations Nancy. And look how svelte you are!! :)

Praying for an uneventful train ride and a great first meeting with Svetlana!!!


Diana said...

A big, beautiful, whopping WAHOO from here! Enjoy your train ride. How fortunate you are to be able to have her baby picture. We didn't realize we could swap until it was too late. The SDA refused saying our files were already in archive and they wouldn't go find them. They weren't baby pictures, but they were the youngest pictures of them. :-(

Sarah said... part down, and now the fun can begin!! I can't wait to see pictures!!!

Sally- That Girl! said...

So next post is with photos of mother and daughter!!! Yippeee!!!

Jodi said...

Wonderful Nancy! I have been wondering all night how it was going for you! What age is she in the picture?? Yes, Serge does like to talk, our appt. stretched out too because of that, and then he told us to go our and wait for him so he could 'talk' / 'flirt' some more with the ladies!

Enjoy that train ride...OH! did you buy ALL the cots in the box??? If not, you may have to share with someone else, and they are SO small! I told Rich we are going to buy the other 2 for sure! Poor Yulia had to sleep with a family of 3 on her train ride with us...Is she going down with you? Or is Serge driving down and meeting you there ?(more likely) so glad it's going well for you!!!


Cindy said...

That's my girl!!! Chocolate and beer first thing - but of course you don't want to pack that :-)
You look wonderful!!!! So great to see a pic of you and of Serge and Yulia - great to put faces w/ their names!!! Can't wait for you to get there in the morning!!! Safe travels!!! Cindy

Charissa said...

The famous SDA door! I'm so excited for tomorrow's post!

Webb Family said...

It has been awesome getting to know Nancy and her family (through pictures and stories). I am so excited for Geri Sveta. She is joining an awesome family where she will fit in perfectly. The entire adoption journey in Ukraine has been incredible. Serge and Marina are the absolute best! We could not do this without them.

If you have not considered international adoption, there are children waiting for you to take them home. Please look into adopting from an orphanage in Ukraine. It is a very rewarding experience.

God Bless!