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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Yes another visit and the Market!

Here is my breakfast! Omelet with bacon , but it is actually ham :)
Very yummy, and that is not frosting but mayonnaise. I always forget to ask for it without the mayonnaise so I scrape it off, it is sweeter than ours.
Sveta showing off her goody from mama
Her stash of HER things :) She keeps everything in her bed and NO one is allowed to touch:
Mama, let me tell you something again, maybe you might understand me this time :)
What a girl - LOVES my glitter chapstick :)
She LOVES to write in my notebook.
She asked me several times to please go out and buy her one.
Here she is asking for my camera, but I learned a very valuable lesson yesterday :)
Here she is pouting cause she didn't get her way :)
Yes, I was trying not to laugh too loud :)
Here is the entrance road to the orphanage
It has snowed all day!!
I was explaining to her caregivers that we live in FL and we get NO snow. They were just amazed!

Here is the market right on the corner by the orphanage
Here is the HUGE section of chocolates
Here is the milk, kefir, yoghut and goodies
Here are all the snacks and cookies
The selection of Lays potato chips :)
The mayonnaise, oils, rice and mixes
The wonderful cheeses
Meat - under cold as it should be :)
Having a rough afternoon, really missing hubby and the kids. Talked to them this am and they were doing their usual morning routine getting ready for school. Victoria wouldn't talk to me at first and then finally got on to ask me how gerri sveta was and tell me she misses me. It was so hard not being part of their routine.
It was also hard knowing that today probably would have been our court date if the court didn't have issues :( I could have been going home :(
After today I can hope to count down 1 week till Kiev and then home :)
It is supposed to get much warmer this weekend and I think that will help too, I miss the sun :)
Gotta run to get ready for my afternoon visit :)


Anonymous said...

Oh my...I can't wait!!! I am glad you are taking all the pictures of...well, everything! I will have to get a couple extra notebooks and such to take...just in case...Nancy, thank you for allowing us to be with you on your wonderful journey! Talk to you soon!

ErinL said...

Every day I look forward to your blog! The picture of her pouting absolutely cracked me up! Looking forward to reading more!

Jodi said...

Rich LIVED on those bacon chips! Every single day we would stop there on the way to see Ari and he would by the chips and a coke light. They have the most awesome little straw cookies there with white chocolate in the middle, and a pack for only a dollar! SO good. Lindseys FAVORITE.

Cindy said...

Wow! What a market - it's great that you have one w/ such a variety to choose from!!! Gerri looks adorable as usual!! Love how she could just turn the pout on - I'd have had a hard time not laughing too!!!

I know you miss everyone - just hang on - you should be better than 1/2 way thru now!!! Won't be long til you're back in your own world going Ahhhhhhh! Dorothy was right - yeah???

The Sanchez Family said...

Hang in there Nancy!!! Praying for a quick court date and return trip home!