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Sunday, March 14, 2010

My humble abode :)

This hotel is a real find:
It is new and only 10 minutes from the orphanage!!
There is also free internet!

How is this for a free breakfast!

There is a menu to pick from but I just LOVE their eggs :)
I take the yoghurt, cheese, salami and bread back to the room for my lunch :)
I save the little sweet bar for Sveta.

Sweet wonderful Marina!!

My golden ticket:
This is my pass to visit Sveta's groupa starting on Wednesday!!!

Quick thought for families coming: don't forget lotion - my skin is SO dry and I am so happy I brought lotion with me. I am constantly using the hand sanitizer and lotion.
And don't forget a mask for each person. You can not visit without one!
The other thing I am very thankful for is my undereye coverup!! Man I would be scary without it!!
I do wish I had brought waterproof mascara though :)


Tami said...

That is some breakfast!

wordgardener said...

Man Nancy! I am surprised you even let me be your friend:) You are the quintessential queen of getting this journey right and perfect:) I am the gal who can show you how badly things can go and how long an expedited journey can take:) But you are doing such a great documentary that I am sure glad you are in front of us in the adventure:) Neat apartment and breakfast to boot? What a deal! How does this compare price-wise to Kiev? Thanks for the travel tips and photos. I get more excited by the minute just by reading your blog! Love cathy

Julia said...

Looks great... what are you paying for the hotel and where are you in relation to Odessa? We are adopting Aaron from Odessa and just interested in prices etc....

Cindy said...

Great pictures!!!! Love the hotel - I'm jealous!! Already switched the mascara :-) Packed small shampoo - big lotion!!!

Jodi said...

You are SO pampered!
Now, I had to ROUGH it when I was there.
walking miles upon miles...cockroaches everywhere... no bathrobe hanging there...ugh.

life just isn't fair.

J~ :)

Christy said...

Nice hotel! I did enjoying staying in the luxury of a hotel, but it is nice that your hotel is so close to the orphanage. I'm sure you saw how far we stayed from there! I was just so glad to feel comfortable and clean that I didn't mind! :)