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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Our First Real Visit!

This is what I woke up to this am:
Enough already!!! Everyone here keeps saying this is SO unusual for March!!

Here she is waiting for me!
She promptly tossed her snack
She LOVED my camera!!
Her view 100% of the time:
She just kept snapping:
She loved this dry erase board I brought!
She could not get the finger in the picture thing :)

Another Sveta shot:
She LOVED her picture book

Her dog Beethoven, she kept telling the caretakers this is my 4th dog!
She said he could have her snack!
Mama Mama potsalooie (kisses)
I finally wrestled the camera away so I could get some shots of her:
I had to keep telling her to lay down! ladeet!

What a cutie!
Then she grabbed the camera back:
Her nurse! Yes Sveta took this pic:
Going through my bag of goodies:
Our first picture together!!
I can not even count how many times I heard mama mama mama.....
Oh my gosh she was ready to burst waiting for me.
We went through the big picture book, she loved her family, her house, her dogs. Each time someone would come into the room she would yell, come see my pictures!! My papa, my victoria, my danny, my dogs!! Oh look at our house, our cars.
I got hugs and kisses and at one point she laid her head on my lap :) :)
I kept stroking her hair it is so fine. Someone french braided it for her and I wanted to say get it now, mama can't do that!! But I don't know enough Russian :)
When it came time for lunch I told her I would see her later. She got all sad and said no, mama stay :(
Then she told one of the workers she had to pee and they had to get the bed pan out. She got all embarrased and told me to leave, but I told her mama will stay! I got to see her hip scar! Man it is big, but it has healed beautifully.
I was able to ask the caretaker enough questions to get her schedule:
wake up                       7 am
breakfast                      8 am
snack                           10 am
lunch                            12 pm
nap                             1-3 pm
snack                            4 pm
dinner                         6:45 pm
bedtime                         9 pm
We blew kisses and yelled goodbye for a couple of minutes then I told her I love you!! see you later!!

Man I was tired!! She has a little fiesty side, used to getting her way :)
I only had to say no a few times!
She took so many pictures my battery was completely depleted :)

You can here me ask her where is mama and the look I get back! Universal in any language :)
In the end I ask her for kisses :)
Completley in love!
I can now visit each day from 10-12 and 4-6 :)
Tonight my buddies and I are heading to the irish pub in town for St Pats Day!
Please pray for court next thursday!!!!!


Julia said...


Diana said...

She is adorable! Someday those pictures she takes will be precious. They will allow you to see her world thorugh her perspective.

Missy said...

Oh, are you EVER blessed!!!! What an incredible little girl!!

Molly said...

SHE IS SO CUTE! I cant stand it. She just lights up.

Sally- That Girl! said...

In tears before work!!! Oh my goodness she is beautiful!!! I am so glad God urged you to adopt again!!! I want more of your story!!!!!

Jodi said...

How WONDERFUL to see! Oh my goodness she is a sweetheart! I watched the video twice and just love hearing her sweet. And yes, I saw the 'mama look' she gave you :)

I can't wait, CAN'T WAIT to see her with her brother and sister and papa and dogs and new home and everything...

Cindy said...

I'm with Julia - tears running down my face too!!!! There's no amount of money on god's green earth that can buy that!!! I'm so happy for you - the video - my gosh - that look says it all!!!! What a fantastic day for you - I'm just bursting w/ happines for all of you!!!!!

Tami said...

I'm speechless...she is wonderful! You are very blessed to have found this sparkling little jewel to treasure forever!

Anonymous said...

what a PRECIOUS litle girl. She is LOVELY!!

good luck for Court, I'm sure all will go well.

June Berger said...

Blessed beyond measure! She is one terrific little girl. So very beautiful and quite the photographer (minus the finger ;o) ). I'm looking forward to the rest of your journey.

Also, I really enjoyed all the pics of the city as well.

Charissa said...

What a beautiful post! Thanks for sharing your world with us!

Kris in NH said...

This is so exciting and look at how happy she is to finally have a mama!

Amy L said...

OMG! She's beautiful! Congratulations!

MoonDog said...


Jenny said...

Congratulations...she is so beautiful. What a smile she has.

Meryl said...

She is sooo cute! I'm thinking of you. She is one lucky little girl.