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Monday, March 8, 2010

At the airport

Lexie standing guard over my bags! All ready to go.
I think she thought she could stop me!!

Yesterday went by pretty fast - I was so busy getting everything finished before I left. My mom was so great!She cut short her visit to her best friend to drive back home a day early and visit with me!! She even brought awesome chinese food!! And she took all the trash I had bagged up to throw into her trash pickup this am!
Dan called last night to say goodbye and wish me luck and to be safe!
The kids are having a wonderful time with the family! I am so happy things worked out this way for them.
I talked to both kids and they said they are having fun and they swam in the pool and the beach yesterday.
Victoria already lost her sippy cup but Dan says she seems ok so far. The villa has 2 double beds and a sofa and the kids have been trading off sleeping on the sofa and the bed :)
Victoria bumped her head while we were talking and I had to hug and kiss her boo boo over the phone!
Danny was a little sad, said he missed me. I told him I would see him soon!
Hopefully one of my sisters will send me some pics so I can post them. (hint hint)

I am at the airport waiting on my first flight. It was supposed to leave at 9:51 and has been delayed till 11:22. Thankfully I had a 6 hour layover in DC. So I am sitting here in the food court chillin out!


Jodi said...

We miss you already Nancy!

I LOOOOOVE this dog of yours, she is the cutest thing ever!!

Glad the kids are having a good time, that should help you focus on your task~ meeting your sweet princess :)

safe travels,

Diana said...

Many prayers and many blessings to you as you tackle the journey ahead! Praying everything will go smoothly for you and you'll be able to come home soon with your beautiful new daughter!

Kristin Ferguson said...

Wow, I think you're going to be the blog updater queen!!! Not even on the airplane and you're posting--LOVE IT!!!

Safe journey and can't wait to hear your first impressions upon touchdown in your daughter's country! :)


Sally- That Girl! said...

I wonder exactly where you are in the sky as I type this now!!! Cna't wait to see you with your new princess!!!