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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A word of Advice

DO NOT use the blankets on the train! I laid one out on top of my bunk and slept on top of it with the sheet over me. I had sweats on and this is the result:
I have this horrible rash on my left arm and leg. Luckily I brought cortizone with me, but it is miserable.
Thank heavens I have long sleeves so it is not noticeable.
It took me a couple of days to figure out where it is from and it has gotten worse each day.
Strangely the last time I had it was when we rode the train from Belarus to Poland for Danny's adoption. :(

In an hour I will get to meet the infamous Alexander the taxi driver :)
I will ride in the taxi with the other family to the orphanage, shop at the market nearby and then take the matrushka back to the hotel :) I figured 1/2 an adventure was good for today!!

Marina called the head dr to verify I can visit tomorrow and it is all set for 10am!!


Lisa said...

Thank you for the warning on the blankets...yuck...I hope the cortizone cream works! That looks miserable :(.

Are you getting some sleep?

I am excited to hear about your 1/2 adventure with Alexander, to the market and home in a minivan :)!

wordgardener said...

Man I love getting up early in the morning and heading to your blog! It is cheaper than actually going on the adventure and is fun to reflect on through my silly work day where I am doing not a whole lot of fun things. Like, I wonder what Nancy is doing? I wonder what she eats? I wonder when she will see Sveta? etc etc...You are a wonderful blogger:) Now can hardly wait to hear where Alexander whisked you all off too! Love and hugs from SC where the tulips are finally blooming and 65* is starting to be normal. Love cathy

Melissa said...

Yes, Thank you for that warning cause I hate to be cold and would have probably wrapped my whole self in the blanket. Ick....

Been loving keeping up with your adventures and looking froward to more pics of your sweetie :)

Missy said...

Wow, what a drag!! I covered up with the blankets on my trips to Kramatorsk (Ukraine) and never had any trouble like that. Were your blankets wrapped in plastic and you had to rip the plastic to get them out? I did. I wonder if they were washed differently?

Amazing that you had cortizone cream on you! What a blessing!! Hope it feels better SOON!! Skin irritations can be such a DRAG!


Kristin Ferguson said...

Hope that rash heals soon!! Another great tip!!! :)


The Sanchez Family said...

Thank you for the warning Nancy!!! Yikes!

Jodi said...

The ishy wool blankets aren't wrapped in anything and are old and stinky. Yuck. We just put them under the cots, in the storage. But the sheets and cover for your cot should be in plastic and clean looking. And pillowcase too. Nancy!? You used that awful brown wool thing??

Sally- That Girl! said...

Sorry about the rash!!! Happy for your new friends! Glad to hear you are seeing a special little girl at 10am!!!!