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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Another Great visit!

ok so after having an awesome cup of borscht for lunch it was off to visit again. Here is the door to her groupa:
I ring the bell and they let me in :)

Here is Ms Thing!
Here is one of her favorite caretakers:
I was trying to get a pic of her and I , but obviously my Russian was lacking :)

But I did finally get my point across :)
I LOVE this picture!!
How funny, finger in the mouth while she concentrates!!! Just like my son :)

We visitied for 2 hours. unfortunately the caretaker was SO excited about Sveta's mama that she spent 1 1/2 hours of it with us! She wanted to see the pictures, talk to me, talk to Sveta, talk to her daughter who also loves Sveta......
Sveta started getting a bit rambunctious, hitting me and trying to grab my camera. Then at one point tried to grab my phone and then tried to bite me. I kept telling her nyet and the worker was telling and signing firm hand, hit her. I finally called Marina and asked her to speak to Sveta. That calmed her right down and then thankfully the worker had to go home. I could tell how much she loves Sveta, but I wanted to have some one on one with her.
 I can tell she is used to getting what she wants. She pouts and pretend cries and does NOT like to hear no at all!! But this mama is no fool! I have two kids at home :) I have done this before :) :)
I have video I will post soon :)
We did go to the irish pub for dinner, but it was very cold and the menu was not appealing at all!
So we left :) and went up the street to Sir Lancelot and had awesome pizza and beer!!!


MoonDog said...

sophie was the spoiled baby too! ohmygosh! and Ben knew it so when she cried he would literally THROW the toys at her so as to not getHIMSELF in trouble! she shares quite well now at only 5 months home AND understands very clearly no and MOST of the time chooses to obey and others gets a time out and learns her lesson quickly and doesnt do it again. I can see your sveta is a smart one I bet she catches on VERY quickly to what you expect from her!! she is so beautiful! so happy for yoU!

Jodi said...

I never saw a pizza like that the WHOLE time I was over there! NUMMMM

Was her daughter about 10 yrs old and light haired? There was a girl walking around like that, she was very curious about us with Ari.

Remember, we had that really tough day with Artiom too, but then he was MUCH better after that. I think it's just really confusing and scary for them.

Tami said...

Hey, there's no mayo on that pizza! LOL!

Cindy said...

Loving the picture of you and Sveta - it's just beautiful!!!! Don't worry yourself - she'll catch on quickly and all will be fine before you know it!!! Hope you get some great rest tonight!!

One more day!! I'm catching up with you!!!

Molly said...

Oh yeah, it must be hard to try and set limits when there is a caregiver there!! Don't worry, this is totally normal, from what I've read.

Sally- That Girl! said...

Oh I am so glad you are an experienced mama as that kind of behavior may frighten someone else. You know that once she gets home you can work on all that stuff. She is going to do great!!! Hey, stop showing the food, it makes me hungry!!!!

babyarnie said...

A little Diva Hugh?? I could tell she got what she asked for b/c when I left her she had pawned 2 bracelets off of me!! It's that cute little smile and all that pink! Gotta love her. I am SOO happy for both of you.

PS: I think you like borscht as much as I did. Yumm O

Kristin Ferguson said...

What a cutie pie and a smart one at that! :) I love that picture of the 2 of you as well--you both look like you've been together for years and years. A very touching photo indeed. :)

Enjoy the snow. It was 70 degrees here today. :)