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Sunday, March 7, 2010

One more wake up!!

Yup-All packed! And it only weighs 43 pounds!

Gerri's and my backpacks all ready :)
Her backpack will go inside mine :)

This is what is watiing at Danny's seat in the dining room :)
Not only will he love the bunny, but a card too!! with stickers :)

This is what is waiting at Victoria's seat :) Pink of course!
And her card :)

Hubby has a card too - but no pics :)

Here is a picture of the kiddos goodie bags I made up.
Each day Dan will give one bag to the kids. Inside each is something for each kid.
I did up 2 weeks worth of bags. If that is not enough Dan will have to make some up.
But I get a pass for the first weeks days as they are away :)

I can not believe tomorrow morning I will drive myself to the airport. Once I park the truck I will email Dan with the location code for when they fly in on Saturday night :) Wait till the kids see the extra car seat :) :)
Watch out Gerri Sveta Momma's coming!!!!!


Kristin Ferguson said...

One suitcase!!! I'm very impressed!! I have a bunch of donated stuff to take to the orphanage so I'll never get away with just one suitcase but it will be great for you travelling alone! I've done the bags idea before and the kids love them--what a creative Momma you are!

Can't wait to see those Kyev pictures coming up next!!!


Cindy said...

You are one special Mommie and wife! Dan and the kids are very lucky to have you - what a wonderful thing to leave them gifts every day!!!
Can't believe it's tomorrow! Safe travels and hurry home!! We'll all be watching for your updates (or I may get mine in person in two weeks)!!

Sarah said...

Wooohoooo Mama! What time are you leaving again? Praying!!!

Lisa said...

Good Morning! Good Luck! You are almost there!! Please stay in touch :)...

Jodi said...

You are a sick woman Nancy.

And you're making me look BADDDD...VERY, VERY, BADDD.

( in the world can I ever be more like you )

you may be a sick woman, but you're a good mama.

Sally- That Girl! said...

So excited for you!!!!! Hey, I did the same open a bag a day thing for Marissa and Lauren when we went to get Bryson. Now, I think the anticipation of bags again is the only reason Marissa is NOT complaining that we are taking Bryson and not her with us to get Gio.

Safe travels my friend of 5 adoptions combined since I first met you! Wow, we have been busy! DIdn't count Danny and Lauren in those either as they were already here!

Anonymous said...

So excited for you and your family. Can't wait to watch the new adventures unfold. Safe travels, Kim Long

Cass said...

Nancy, What a fantastic mum you are.What a great idea of daily gifts for Danny and victoria.Wishing you a safe and amazing journey. I will look forward to your updates and cant wait to see the photo of Mummy and Daughter together!I am so excited for you, take care, Cass