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Sunday, March 14, 2010

What a Beautiful Day!!

Today is a beautiful sunny day and I needed to kill time till I could get online and talk to the family. They are finally back home!!! I have not talked to them in a week and it is killing me :)
The other family here gets to visit in the afternoon so I decided to head out and do a walkabout!!
Here is a typical street:

Here are some of the buses - they were packed!

Here is an entry to the underground walk way - this is how they cross busy streets. The underground walk way is full of vendors selling stuff.

Here are some of the kiosks they set up every day, but today being sunday there were a lot more of them.
They sell everything you can think of and go on for blocks and blocks:

Here is a typical internet cafe:

I thought this was a gym but when I went closer I realized it was a clothing store for plus sizes :)

These are the matroishka buses:
I will start taking it to the orphanage next week!!! It is  aLOT less than a taxi :)

I you zoom in on this pic you see they are selling meat and poultry!!

My $2 lunch :)

This pic is for Diane:
I think I have had borscht every day!!


Jodi said...

Oh how I miss it!
Aren't you surprised how everyone wears black? It's ALL the men wore, and lots of the women too. Add that to the dreariness of the weather, and it's just...dreary.
But I miss it anyway.
Lindsey and I had the borscht EVERY single day we were in Zap. We lived right next to a little cafe that served it. Loved the sour cream in it!

You like your beer don't ya, Nanc?

hee he he

Sarah said...

You know the squatty potty pictures only count if you actually USE it! And I don't need picture confirmation I'll take your word for it hehe. I did take comment moderation off and changed the time from 6am to 5....come on give me a know how I feel! Just took some melatonin and hoping to sleep!!! THANKS! Will call you tomorrow after SDA!

Cindy said...

I can't wait - yummy borscht, a nice cold beer and some smetna to go w/ the soup!!! Just a few more days! Excellent pics!!!!

Anonymous said...

That's not a bus, that's a tram (it even has rails)! And it's not a matrioshka bus, but a marshrutka - marshrut is route. Just thought I should save you some trouble when you ask people where the neatrest matrioshka is!

Best of luck