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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


While killing time in DC I was walking back and forth by the stores. I saw this puppy and decided he needed to come meet Sveta! The cute little bag he is in was a bargain at $2.99 :)
Cindy - just had to buy it! Mom - it was a Bahgain! Shelly-darn fish hook!

Bye bye DC!!

As soon as we were in the air it was snack time!!

Right after snack time was dinner time:
Under the tin foil is chicken, rice and veggies. The whole meal was excellent!

This leg was truly the hardest, knowing I had to get some sleep made it so hard to actually fall asleep.
I watched "Up in the Air" with George Clooney - cute.
Put on my sleep mask, put in my earplugs and tried to snuggle in. But I just could not shut off my brain.
I am sure I dozed off and on, but not very well. And there were a couple of really annoying people that felt the need to TALK the whole flight!
The flight attendants woke us about 7:00 Munich time with breakfast of yoghurt and banana bread. It was so strange to open the window shade and see sunlight!
Going over the Alps!!

Relaxing in Munich, just had our Starbucks Shortbread cookie snack :)
Hard to believe it is 9 am when my body thinks it is 3 am!!
I am SO glad we did not bring the kids, this would have been a VERY hard day.

In a couple of hours I will get on the last leg to our new daughter!!! I am SO ready!!!
I can't wait to hug on Yulia and Serge!!

Updated: 11:30 Munich time - managed to nap on the chairs in the lounge for about an hour. Woke up to the sounds of some kids talking and giggling and did not know where I was for a minute. :(
I walked around and found a cute little cafe called Weiners :) :)

I decided to have the breakfast special of scrambled eggs with ham and cheese, bread and butter

And of course a large strong coffee!
This wonderful meal cost $20 - wow! Though it was yummy and it took care of my headache and sleepiness. I hope I can make it till night time now :)
In an hour I should be boarding my last flight to Svetlana!!
Gotta run they just changed my gate!
Hugs to my babies! I miss you! hubby too!

Just remembered a cute story hubby told me sunday night. I asked how their room was and he said it it beautiful! He also said the bathroom had a bidet! The kids can't believe there is a toilet that shoots water!!
They just don't understand it :) I told him just to make sure they don't play in it.....


Sarah said...

Following along with you! Oh so exciting. I've been thinking a lot of you and hope all is going well. Can't WAIT for you to meet your angel!

Kristin Ferguson said...

Looks like a fairly uneventful beginning to your trip. Can't wait to see your next post when you finally land in sweetie pie's country!!! I also can't wait to see pics of you hugging Yulia and Serge!!!


Diana said...

I confess, I laughed when I saw your breakfast photos! Before I even finished reading about it, I thought "Oh, I bet that cost her a pretty penny!" I was immediately transported back in time to when we had a lengthy layover in Budapest, Hungary on our way home. Our bodies were totally wacked out by now, we were all exhausted from the whole adoption experience, and we were hungry in Hungary. We found a quaint little cafe that served real food (aka a meal fairly similar to what you just described) and served it cafeteria style. Blaine went through the line, bought just barely enough food to feed our family, which now included two adults and three hungry, grumpy, terrified kids. Of course, the prices were all in Euros, the only currancy they accepted was Euros, we had some hrevna left, but no place to exchange them or any other form of cash (which we only had $30 left of anyway), and we had no Euros. The exchange rate on our credit card was incredibly high so we didn't use it, but thankfully they did take our debit card where the surcharge exchange rate was 2.5% less. Even with that, our nothing fancy, but real food meal still cost us over $50!!

Cindy said...

I loved waking up to this post today!!! You were my first thought when my eyes opened!! I LOVE the puppy - couldn't have passed it up either! Happy to know the flight went well and that the food was pretty good - I'll have the same fare soon! Will look for Weiners right behind you and pack an extra 20.00! Good luck today - hope you rest well tonight!!! HUGS!!!! Cindy

Tami said...

I hope that $20 breakfast was good! You're almost there!!!!!

Sally- That Girl! said...

Been thinking of you all night!!! Can't wait for next post!!!!

Jodi said...

Sounds like your holding up well! Glad to hear it, I wouldn't like traveling alone, hard telling where I'd end up!!

So, you pack so light, specifically so you don't have much to carry....then you go to the AIRPORT and buy a HUGE dog??hmmmm.

he hehe

You're almost there!
You're going to hug Serge?, Man, you ARE brave :)

Ha Ha Jodi