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Monday, March 15, 2010

Another Day!! UPDATED!!

Today was going to be nice and sunny so we decided to sight see.
Here is view off the bridge that goes over the Dneiper River. I was trying to capture the beaches on the other side:)

Here is Jim and Logan, two thirds of my next door buddies :)
With what we think is a burial marker
Here is a really cool picture of the hydro electic dam:
Here is the Cossak Museum
Here is their protection of the river:
Is this not beautiful!
They are obviously working on a couple of buildings, this is the main building:
The is the spire! Look at that wood work! Gorgeous!
This pic is for Sarah!!
Robin demonstrated just for you :)
These two very nice gentlemen were the keepers of the gate lock :)
The one gentleman is laughing cause I was speakin Russian to him :)
How cool is this fence of twigs?:
Another monument:
Very pretty monument on the side of the road next to the history museum:
A beautiful cross overlooking the whole battlefield!
Yes, there are no pictures of the inside of the history museum, cause is was closed :) :)

After we got back to the hotel I went off to the room, the other family went to visit their precious child.
I was able to talk to the head Dr to get Sveta's  medical information. For a sick child she is SO darn healthy!!!! I got great news about all our concerns!!! She is underweight, but has also been kept lying down since her hip surgery last September. We can fatten her up :)

We decided to try the pizza place near the Intourist Hotel downtown.
Here is our family size pepperoni pizza:
We had this pizza, 4 large beers, 1 small beer, a chocolate shake and a chocolate dessert for a grand total of $20!! I picked up the tab to thank them for all the companionship!! Big spender that I am :)

Tomorrow I plan on doing a trial run on the Matrushka to the orphanage. Since I will be close I will hit the market right nearby and then take another one back to the hotel.
We will meet the infamous Alexander the taxi driver for some more fun.

I found a really cool tiny bakery near here and promised 6 yr old Logan that we would have to check it out :)
I was not able to visit the other little child here since there is an infection going around the little groupas :(
Hopefully next week!

Big Big kuddos to my son Danny!!! He got second place in his cub scout's district pine wood derby race!!!!

FORGOT to mention:
1) when talking to the head Dr she told me that Sveta is asking where her mama is :( :)
2) Got confirmation from Marina that our paperwork was submitted this morning to the adoption center for court approval!!
3) That is not a a potty :) It is a dog's water dish :) hee hee
4) I actually slept 8 hours straight last night!! woo hoo!!


Sarah said...

Thanks for the potty picture! hehe. I am on the lookout for more and will take pictures! Can't wait to see the one on the train...heard it's pretty bad.

Jodi said...

YAY Danny! Way to go!

Can't wait to see Alexander again, I really, really miss him.

We didn't see these awesome sights close up like you did, it was very cold and snowy when we drove by them. Maybe on the next trip:) Man, I gotta try out that pizza place, that looks so good :)

Aimee said...

Thanks for all the pictures I am adopting but from a different region than where you are, but I am so excited for you and loving all the information you are giving me so I will know what to expect! I look so foward to your post:) and please tell me I will not have to use that potty! LOL

Jodi said...

By the say, I'll hang out with ya if you buy me a pizza like that!

hee he

Jodi said...


'By the way'...

but now it's not as funny

Cindy said...

Ok - I've read all the comments and obviously we're all true Americans here - we all liked the pictures of history - but I think it's unanimous - The Pizza Picture Wins!! :-) Great pics as usual and it all sounds like very good that's been coming your way regarding SDA and most importantly Sveta's health!!!


Tami said...

Sounds like your keeping busy! That pizza looks so good...

Got ALL of our notaries done today, but still no word on that stupid employment letter! Grrr!

Can't wait 'till Wednesday...

Aimee said...

HA! HA! you had me convinced I would have to pee in a pot! But you know after seeing that picture of that bathroom I would rather use the pot! :)

Kristin Ferguson said...

Great pictures. Can't wait to sightsee there very soon!!! I too loved the pizza picture....and the price! :) I'm so excited for you that Sveta knows you as her Momma already! That's wonderful!!